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10 Things You Need to Survive a Workshop.

“Yay! I got selected for XYZ workshop! But…. what if? how do I? Why this? where then?”

Well all your questions have been answered here in this brief 10 points you need to know to survive a workshop.



1. Take a suit/dress.

For boys: Take at least 3 dress shirts and 3 different ties. So by chance if you wear the same suit over and over again, you will have a new look with different shirts and ties everyday.

For girls: Take three tops to go with a skirt or dress pants and different jewelry to change looks. That way, you will look classy, elegant, non-poor and pretty. 


2. Start conversation with random strangers other than your clan members. That way, you will have more fun, more learning and the one we all want: more popular!


3. If you see someone being all shy and non-interactive, go to them, talk to them and make someone’s day by introducing him/her to new people.


4. For breakfast, eat as much as healthy food as you can. By healthy I mean, milk, brown bread for protein and some fruits. 


5. SLEEP! Take your total 7-8 hours sleep. Yes I know the phrase, YOLO, but that phrase don’t work always. Partying all night and not taking sleep can make you absent minded and just as much “out of your mind” as if you were drunk. YOLO!


6. Speak! Always try to interact with the facilitators during the session if required. Make your mark by trying to groom yourself. Also this will help you in conducting your own workshops in the future. 


7. The social nights are always a great thing to look up to in any workshop. Make sure, you are actually looking up for socializing and not being with that your newly met special friend to socialize with. 


8. If you have an talent, make sure everyone gets to know it during the workshop. Nothing better than a good memory of a good person. 


9. Yes, talk, interact, laugh with the facilitators but don’t butter the lion. They get it! As a result, you are on the hit list, may it be positive or negative which depends on your luck. 


10. Be yourself! Be humble as you finish the workshop. You got it because other people did not get it. Be thankful to those others. It takes a moment to turn the tables!


Good luck with surviving the workshops coming up!

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Conferences Time!

Are you living in U.S as an high school exchange student? Do you want to make your year successful just like the former best exchange students? Do you want to attend all those cool/informative conferences? If yes, then my fellow you are the right place. Kudos.

A lot of students, while on exchange, have the desire to attend at least one conference. The question comes when you don’t know how to reach them, what are their names, when are they going to be, what to expect. Here below are a brief summary of major conferences that happens every year for YES/ A SMYLE/ FLEX students to enable them to learn different unique qualities.


  • Civics Education Workshop (CEW):

For CEW, students get an email from American Councils around November- December. The application is sort of a survey in which they have to write an essay regarding the politics of their country, how they relate it with America and how they think to eradicate it when they go home. The selection process starts after you submit your documents. Results are announced around January and  the workshop takes place in February. Workshop is all about the government, leadership qualities, visits to monuments, meetings with your state senators and how the government of America works.

  • Better Understanding for Better World (BUBW), Baltimore/ Orlando, FL/ : 
BUBW happens two times a Year. Once in Baltimore, once in Disney Land(Orlando, FL)The selection process is different for different placement organizations. For some organization you have to give presentations about Pakistan. The group that manages to give the most, gets to go to BUBW.
For some organizations, you have to write an essay regarding an issue and submit it on time.  All of them happen around Spring time.
  • Youth Summit: 
Every year, various placement organizations select on their own ( a little not fair) the best students. The local coordinators nominate these students so make sure you have some good terms with your Local Coordinators. 😉 It happens after Spring. No application, only good behavior and other good achievements.
  • Workshop for youth leaders in teaching English (WYLTE): 
 This depends on your placement organization if they offer you this conference letter or not. Some organization do and some don’t. You cannot blame or claim anyone. The basic purpose of the workshop is to teach the exchange students different ways of teaching English and tips for class management. It also serves as an enhancement activity as students go to many memorials and get a tour of the library of congress and the Capitol. It happens in april at the American councils office in Washington, DC where students also meet many high officials belonging to the American Councils and US States of Departments.


  • Global New Media Lab (GNML)  :

GNML is an Online program consists of 10 biweekly sessions that guide you through the process of creating a social media for social change campaign. During GNML Online, you will learn how to harness the power of various social/digital media technologies to advocate for social change related to a social issue in your home community.


During GNML Online workshops time, happens a TECH CAMP which is only granted to the 26 actively participating students in GNML from YES/FLEX/A SMYLE. It happens around April. This TechCamp will advance their leadership, training and public speaking skills while developing individual strategic action plans that outline how they will teach others back home how to use social media for social change.


Hope it was clear, if you have any question, you can ask in the comments, email us or tweet us at @exchangeSs- we are always active. If you have a story to share, email us and tweet us that you have emailed us. Don’t forget to share, like and tap that follow button in the upper right corner. Thank you.

Editor:  @AqibMalik9

Civics Education Workshop

Civics Education Workshop

This year’s Civics Education week has been started. The students are off to DC for some exciting roller coaster week where leadership qualities await for them to get enmeshed in them.

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