Reverse Cultural Shocks? Stuff Happens!

“There is no privacy!

They still treat me the same, why can’t they see I have grown up!

Everyday arguments on useless stuff!

Nobody understands my situation!

Okay, whatever, I am just going to sleep. 

Yes, I argue because my point is valid!

Why can’t you see my developed leadership qualities?

Why the studies are so darn hard here back home?”


If you are having any of the thoughts above or anything related to it, you maybe one of those lucky ones who are having cultural shocks. Luck ones? Yes, because it is part of readjusting in your own culture. If you don’t face it, there’s no fun in it. 

Reverse Cultural Shocks: The little shocks you get after returning to your own home culture after being settled in a foreign culture for a long time. 


Ways to Overcome Reverse Cultural Shocks:

1. Accept the fact, you are having them. Just like the way you accept you are hungry and eat to solve that problem. 

2. Talk to a person who listens, doesn’t have to be a best friend, mother, father. It can be one of your mentors, a teacher, Councillor. 

3. Just like when you left your homeland to experience a new culture, you left all your memories back home for a while to adjust in a new environment. Similarly, it’s time to stop talking about your host community, time to make new memories in a place where you are now. 

4. Go on productive hangouts such as community service projects, visiting elderly houses with your friends. 

5. Sharing your feelings on social media won’t help. Nobody cares much. It can also lower your self esteem. 

6. Stay positive online. How? Create a happy profile on social medias. Post happy stuff, talk about how you are making a change in someone’s life, how you are benefiting the community back home.  Fake it till you make it. I trust in you, you can do it. 

7. Smile at everything. Not a “buhahaha” laugh. NO. A soft smile that is able to warm hearts.You will see how satisfied you will feel. 

8. If you are in a argument with your elders and if you know you are right (I know you are), you need to stop arguing by staying silent. Obey what they say. They raised you, they have the right to ask you to study hard. After-all, that is what’s best for you. 

9. Every once in a while, watch comedy movies from your host community to cherish memories. 

10. Cherish what you have. Believe in yourself. 


Every exchange student has been there where you stand right now. You are not the only unique case who is having a hard time adjusting back in their own culture. It may take some time but it will end. All it depends on, if you apply these tips on yourself or not. The choice is yours. 🙂



If you have any comments, feel free to write them now in the comment section down below. If you need to let out or have a story to share, email us at Tweet us at @ExchangeSs about anything related to exchanges. Congratulations on completing your exchange year!


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About Aqib Malik

I am an exchange student and currently in USA.I am going to put some serious and some methods to achieve your exchange year successfully. I with my experience and with your questions and reply will help other students... One year oppurnity Either "make it or break it" (by FARAH KAMAL)

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