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Share Your Experience- Azima Dhanjee and her WYLTE experience.

Every year, in Washington D.C, selective students gather for an English Workshop. One such student, Azima Dhanjee, currently in U.S. representing Pakistan had the opportunity to attend Workshop for Youth Learning in Teaching English (WYLTE). Without revealing much, let’s read her story of her amazing experience in her own words.


“28 Students, 19 different nations; barely anybody knew anyone (nothing in common), other than the fact, we all were EXCHANGE STUDENTS.


March 30th’ 2014, the day I have been waiting for. After a long journey, I finally made it to Washington, D.C. I did not know any of the exchange students other than my Pakistani friend. We all started trying to introduce ourselves to one another, trying hard to remember each other’s name and yes, anxiously waiting to reach the amazing ‘Embassy Suites’ to get some rest. Reaching there, we met some of the facilitators, got to know about the whole week schedule and above all, excitement level reached up to the seventh sky.

I still remember, wondering, how it is going to be like with completely different students, new roommates, but truly, I could not have asked for anything better.  First day went by learning each other’s names, taking huge amount of selfish and above all get over the jet largess.

This week brought so many memories for me. For once, I actually got to walk around streets of Washington, D.C. with my friends, catch metro, sing around the city, be myself and enjoy every single moment. Being mentored under Tom Toomey, and getting the best team (My Jerries) actually made this experience, the best. I still remember, those group activities, sharing our humor, respecting each other’s ideas and above all, accepting the diversity. We learnt songs from each other’s countries, got happy for each other’s successes, attend so many sessions, run towards our room before the curfew, enjoy the good food, those never perfect count downs, food truck, pictures around the monuments (even a normal bank), we truly did not let any moment slip from our hands.

A special highlight to night around monuments, visit to Carlos Rosario, Georgetown University, Dance party at Spirit of Washington, Ford theatre, and China Town. It feels like, I got to explore all the famous Washington sights.

I personally believe that I learnt so many different ways to make teaching interactive and fun. This workshop helped me to look forward to my dreams and for once, make it come true. Learning from different sessions, I got a chance to be a teacher for 20 minutes. Truly, those were the most energized minutes of my week, trying to present my passion and implement my learning. The feedback from my peers and mentors actually proved their passion in my passion and how we were a family more than a group.

 This workshop helped me to connect twitter to my daily life. Those never ending #WYLTEstory, concerning not only the rainy night but an unidentified Panda, who never exist, really brought all of our ideas together and proved WYLTE to be one of the best conferences ever.

I cannot thank any less to the facilitators, who worked so hard, providing us with the best moments. They danced with us, laughed with us; even prank each other, with us. Tom Toomey’s beautiful note on a card is the most precious gift for me. He titled me as his CHAMAK CHALLO, most energized group mate, and truly his encouragement always kept me motivated. I would always cherish these wonderful learning and moments with my teacher/peers. It will surely help me to work on projects top serve my community back home.

This week was surely one of the best weeks of my exchange year. I made friends and memories for life. The learning I acquired would surely help me, in every challenge of my life. I cannot stop going through the pictures and videos from the WYLTE week. Though I am sad it ended, but I cannot be less thankful that it actually happened.”



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