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Countdown Begins…

I have a great news and a bad news. The great news is all of you exchange students will be meeting your biological families in almost 3 months. The bad news is all of you exchange students will no longer be enjoying the cultural diversity of another place.


The question arises, what should we do in the last three months to make our year worth remembering for? 


The answer is very simple. The following key points will help you make your way to the end of your exchange experience, successfully. 

1. Plan a project for your community back home and start to raise funds for it through presentations, social media in your society.

2. To raise funds for the upper planned project, have a little backyard sale of your cultural things which you have from your own country. Apply tattoos(henna), play traditional songs and think about it!

3. Make a list of all your favorite places you want to visit in your host community and then visit them.

4. Start buying the gifts, if you want to, for your loved ones back home, right now so that you don’t feel burden by the end of your year.

5. Make sure you don’t over buy stuff.

6. Start a journal of your last 100 days or 3 months so when you come back, you will relive those beautiful moments.

7. Plan an addressing in your host church, synagogue, Mosque about your culture back home and how your exchange year has helped you becoming a better person.

8. Now this one, not many people do it: Plan a workshop related to a specific topic such as, self development, cultural exchange, life skills, recycling, tech camp for middle schoolers.

9. Plan your going away party at a nearby lake or in the bowling alley. It can be hot dog and soda party or hamburger and chips party. Invite all your friends, family and have tons of fun.

10. Plan a little “I will always love you, dear host parents” gift for your host parents.

Don’t limit yourself to the upper described points. See wider and the world is pretty. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down in the comments. You can tweet us @ExchangeSs for a quick response. If you found this blog interesting and helpful, don’t forget to share it. Put a hash-tag #ExchangeSs so I can find you and follow most of you!


editor: @AqibMalik9

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