Student of the Month- Muneeb Jawed.

ExchangeStudentStation has it’s first STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Many of sthe students sent their essays, their experiences to us which were indeed a delight to read. Out of all, this one stood out due to it’s uniqueness. Our very first Student of the month is MUNEEB JAWED, PAKISTAN. As he states, “Yesterday two bears were roaming around my house. If you scared them then they will definitely hurt you. I am not allowed to go out at night due to these bears.” Now you know what we are talking about. Here is his unique experience. 




“I am currently living in Port Alsworth, Alaska (yes, ALASKA). It is a rural part of Alaska with hardly 150 people. It is a very unique place. Many of you would be thinking what makes it so unique? Let me explain. Following points will help you figure out the answer :

1. My place is really small. There are only 10-15 houses nearby between mountains and lakes. It is the most beautiful place on earth.
2. My high school  has only 12 kids including me :p.

3. There are no shops ( yes, no shops) in my area. If you want anything then you have three options, either forget about it, or order on amazon and wait for about 2 weeks or fly to the nearest city and pay 400$ for the flight. People usually buy groceries for the whole year at a time. 

4. I haven’t watched T.V since I came here because there are no channels available :p.

5. I am having a full wildlife experience here. Yesterday two bears were roaming around my house. If you scared them then they will definitely hurt you. I am not allowed to go out at night due to these bears. 

6. The most important rule for living here is ” If you hear a dog barking, then run as fast as you can because either it is a moose or a bear roaming around.”

7. If you go for a walk, you will be definitely followed by a Fox.

8. There are no cars here. All families here have their own 5 seater planes except my family. These people fly whenever they want. The planes are parked outside every house like if they were cars. Everyone here has a pilot license including 15 year old kids

9. In my area, every year, it snows for about 5 months.

10. Here, nobody have an internet connection except the school.

           These were some of points because of which I am having a very different experience yet amazing. I hope you find it interesting. Come visit me! Make sure you bring your airplane with you ;)”


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I am an exchange student and currently in USA.I am going to put some serious and some methods to achieve your exchange year successfully. I with my experience and with your questions and reply will help other students... One year oppurnity Either "make it or break it" (by FARAH KAMAL)

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