Online Presence and Social Media usage

What is Social Media?

  • Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

Thing which you need to know is 


What is digital foot print?

  •  Whatever you put up online stays there forever. If you put an inappropriate status on FaceBook, no matter if you remove it after a while, it leaves it’s mark on the internet for lifetime.

Social Media and Exchange Students:

As an ambassador of your country, it’s your utmost duty to represent your country well. Using Social Media wisely can help you gain lots of attention. Few things which are related in this topic are:

  • Easy and Accessible
  • Popularity
  • Public Image
  • You = Pakistan

While on your exchange program, the only way to tell people about your achievements is by posting statuses, picture reporting, tweets, Flickr Pictures etc. It will make other people realize how well you are doing and what is your progress. Putting up an emo(emotional) status will make others think as if you are not having a good time. You are a public person now. It is your responsibility to clear your image by every moment. DONOT tag random people in statuses, tweets. Feel free! Feel the wisdom!

The FAQs you all may have:

  • Why is it so necessary?
  • Why is it so Important?
  • What are the Benefits?

Well, who doesn’t want to get appreciation while doing something good. Everyone loves to get some appreciation. Reporting of any event is the main part of it. If you report wisely and good enough, you are on the right track. Benefits, experience it yourself 😉


Things to be Careful about:

  • Comments
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Link Shares
  • Status Updates
  • Display pictures
  • Language

All the above mentioned points are very important to be careful about. Your every status is being seen by everyone including your neighbor aunt’s daughter and your FORMER alumni fellows. The sort of language usage is well observed as well. It’s very common for exchange students of the same country to talk with each other in their native language and forget their rituals but it is not right path.

Another newly started trend on the social media sites are the scams. Such as auto generated messages and “lol what are you doing in this video” Direct Messages on twitter. Don’t click, don’t suffer.


The must Do’s of Social Media are:

  • BLOG!
  • Talk/Create/Leave Footprints about positive image of Pakistan
  • Pictures and Videos: BE SELECTIVE!
  • Use privacy controls effectively
  • Be optimistic and discuss positive things more than negative ones

The must don’ts of Social Media are:

  • Racism
  • Derogatory Comments
  • Foul Language/Swearing
  • Host Family Issues discussed online
  • Bad/Inappropriate Pictures
  • Sharing things you are not allowed to do

Hopefully point of creating an “Online Presence and social media usage” was well clear. If you have any sort of questions and queries or just have a review, leave a comment or tweet us at:


 Editior: @AqibMalik9


About Aqib Malik

I am an exchange student and currently in USA.I am going to put some serious and some methods to achieve your exchange year successfully. I with my experience and with your questions and reply will help other students... One year oppurnity Either "make it or break it" (by FARAH KAMAL)

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