Luggage! What should I pack?


What should I pack? What clothes should I take with me on my exchange year? What gifts should I take for my host family?

If you have these above questions in mind, you are at the right place. Today in this post, will be talking about what to take and what not to take on your exchange year. The following material is not for only a specific gender but for everyone.

  • What to pack in my luggage?

As far as the luggage is concerned, you need the following to be packed in your suitcase:

  1. A jacket
  2. A sweater
  3. 3 pairs of pants
  4. 3-4 t-shirts(for boys and for those girls who wear t-shirts)
  5. 1 pair of shorts( two quarters for boys and three quarters for girls if they want to wear)
  6. 1 pajama suit.
  7. 5-8 pairs of underclothing (must)
  8. 1 pair of suede shoes(sneakers)
  9. 1 pair of formal shoes
  10. 1 pair of flip flops.(Flips flops is the best option for everyday routine at home)
  11. 1 formal wear ( suit for men and a dress for women)
  12. 3-4 pairs of traditional clothing
  13. Traditional accessories.
  • What not to pack in my luggage?

The following will give you an ide of what not to pack in your suitcase:

  1. Shampoo bottles
  2. Food items that can spill
  3. Drinks
  4. Medicine
  5. Knife or anything with sharp edge including a gun J
  • What additional stuff I can pack in my hand carry?

The following is just a few things which students often ask if they can carry or not in their hand carry:

  1. Laptop
  2. Camera
  3. Cookie packs
  4. A pair of clothes for emergency
  5. A pair of shoes
  • What to take for my host family?

You are going on a cultural exchange program so it is always better to stay in the blanket of that three words. The following list will guide you what can be the few gifts you can take for your host family:

  1. Cultural wear for host dad. A handmade cap with mirrors, a suit from your ancient Chinese culture for your host dad.
  2. Jewelry for your host mother, ajrak, clothes with sitara work on it, African long dress, an arab burqa or a Turkish dress.
  3. Cultural miniatures including small rikshaws, inidan madras elephants with mirror work on it or a Chinese soldier miniature.
  4. Chinese calendars, Islamic Calendars.

The most important is to take a good behavior as a youth ambassador and show them what your people are, from where you belong.

Hopefully the above 4 questions were answered well for your knowledge. For any question, queries, feel free to comment below to get the answer right away. You can email us at You can tweet us at @ExchangeSs

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Editor: Aqib Malik. Twitter handle is @AqibMalik9




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I am an exchange student and currently in USA.I am going to put some serious and some methods to achieve your exchange year successfully. I with my experience and with your questions and reply will help other students... One year oppurnity Either "make it or break it" (by FARAH KAMAL)

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