Reverse Cultural Shocks- An overview.


A very short overview to the bigger account of Reverse Cultural Shocks which most people face upon returning home after spending a particular period of time in another country mostly U.S.

1. Jetlagged
2. Ordering Food in English
3. Tipping
4. Short bow or shake hands
5. Fashion and Body Language
6. Feeling great behind the wheel
7. American police officers are huge with a lot of weapons
8. Cultural Mannerisms and Intensity
9. Multicultural Consciousness
10. Standing out less
11. Bathtub
12. Sense of Physical Space
13. Overhearing conversations & Everyday Normality
14. Nuance of local and national news
15. Avoiding Pretentiousness


About Aqib Malik

I am an exchange student and currently in USA.I am going to put some serious and some methods to achieve your exchange year successfully. I with my experience and with your questions and reply will help other students... One year oppurnity Either "make it or break it" (by FARAH KAMAL)

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