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Share your story- Picture Collage and story excerpt by Wajahat Nabeel.

Wajahat Nabeel's Successful Exchange story.

Life in a year.

Wajahat Nabeel, Pakistani Exchange Student, made his year successful simply by obeying very fundamental principles which include respecting the diversity, celebrating the differences, adopting all the right habits and sharing all the good ones which his ethnicity have.

As he says, “There are good and bad people everywhere. It depends solely on you whom you shake hands with. I wanted to show Muslims are not terrorists and terrorists are not Muslims.  I believe I was able to make this concept clear as by the end of the year many people came up to me and said they will miss the Pakistani taste in the enviornment. That meant a lot to me.”

Thank you to Mr. Wajahat Nabeel for making this picture collage which sums up his great exchange experience and allowing us to share excerpt from his exchange life story, we appreciate it.

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Mobile, a mistake?

Life is a two way road. You will always find a clean road to your destination and another way leading to your destination but through rough patches which depicts hard work. You can make your exchange year successful either through hard work or by taking the clear path. Remember one thing; you will eat what you planted.

A lot of hard things up there. Let’s get back to our usual routine- normal, simple sentences. Today we have a very unusual topic to discuss; Having a  cell phone as an exchange student. Does it help you? Does it distract you from making your exchange year successful? In order to understand this, we need to look on both sides of the argument. Let us take a look on story of Kayola Schroder.

“My exchange year was an epic success. Out of 1500 students at my high school, I had almost a 100 of them as my facebook friends. Almost everybody at the school knew who I was. I hung out with a few of them  three-four times. By the end of my exchange year, I was sure that I did enough to represent my country and I made my year.

Now as I look back to my exchange year, I believe I made a mistake by not buying a cell phone. My interaction with the friends in my high school was only from 8am to 3pm. I never talked to the while I was home. Never had the chance to hung out in a group of friends. I was never able to get a ride because I never had anyone to ask for it. I was only dependent on my host families”

What we access from the story of Kayola is Cell phone is a great source to make a bunch of friends and interacting with them frequently. With that, they are also helpful in a bunch of other cases which are as follow:

1)      Helpful in getting a ride from a friend.

2)      You can contact your host family in case of emergency.

3)      A way to get in touch with the host family as you travel with the friends.

4)      Get updates from friends about the upcoming events in the area.

Don’t make a mistake and learn from others’, a very good way to stay safe. You will always find the negative aspects with the positive aspects of a subject. It depends on how you use it. Hopefully the post was helpful. In order to ask any questions regarding cell phones in U.S for how to buy it, where to buy it or if you want to ask any other question, feel free to comment below. You can email us at

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