Comunity services.

Community Services:
Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.
In simple words:
To work without the concern for money in order to help the community.

No ideas came into my brain when I had to do community services. Then I did a little research and now with the grace of God, I believe I have done my best to serve the community and will do so in the future life. Some of you might have concerns like I had about what to do for community services. Your questions can be answered very easily if you watch this little video, I made from my experience. If you do the community services with full effort, you might will feel the same as I did.

“It’s the quality that counts, not the quantity.”
Diane M. Knetzer, Ayusa cluster leader.

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  1. i had a problem with the community service too. I wanted to do something that could upgrade my experience and personlity. After a little struggle I found such a place and working there gave me more than 20 hours. You’re right. When there’s a will,there’s a way 🙂
    Between, nice post 😉

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