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Cultural Shocks?

Definition of “Cultural Shocks” in simple words:
When a person feels discomfort in settling in a new environment, especially when he moves to totally new place(from one part of the world to the other), means he is having cultural shocks.

To make it even more simpler, I have a set of questions for everybody.
Are you having cultural shocks? Do you feel lonely? Do you think that your new friends are not reliable like your old friends? Almost five months have passed of your stay in your host family and you think that they are not the same anymore as they were in the first month? The studies are difficult? You are not liking the new food? It’s difficult to clean up your room and the rest room all the time?
If yes then I believe you are the right place at the right time.

Cultural shock is totally a normal thing for any person. It’s always challenging to adjust to a new culture and former people have discovered that there are different stages for adapting a new environment.

In my theory:
> In an exchange program, the first stage is called the excitement stage. This is when students arrive in to their host families.
> The next stage is called the cultural shock zone. This is when the excitement ends and students pass through the real world and they start to observe the differences between cultures.
> The third stage is the recovery area when students again feel comfortable in the enviornment and begin to flow with the stuff.

Now here the question comes how to get through those cultural shocks?
Medicine for Cultural shocks from dr. Aqib Malik

>Ask reach to your host family, friends, teachers and your community representative (they can boast you up and encourage you) for support.
>Involvement in activities at your host house and school.
>Patience is one of the tools that can be really helpul.
>Journal By keeping a journal you can always look back and see what you did and what others did. Who is right and who is wrong.
>Participation in the clubs in school.
>Laugh at your own mistakes.
>Learn about new culture and enviornment.
>Try new food and stuff. It's just one year, have fun and chill out.
>Stop looking at the differences and instead see the similarities and celebrate them.

Last but not the least thing, you are there because you can make it. Don't let your fears and problems be so big that it over comes you. Thank you.

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