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Quotes and advice by various people regarding a successfull exchange year.

An exchange student have just one year to share his culture into a new group of people. One year and one chance is there. Its his choice whether he want to successfully finish it or not. Following are some of the advice and quotes from people who have experienced the cultural challenges or are part of the cultural exchange programme for the exchange students who want to be an exchange student or who are exchange students.

> Make it or break it.
one of the advice by Farah S. Kamal, country coordinator,IEARN Pakistan.

> Be open-minded and ask as many questions as you want.
advice by Muhammad Abdullah, IEARN Karachi officer.

> Have a little sense of humour
Mubashir Ghani Khawaja, former exchange student.

> Value time.
Sheroz Khan (ozzy), former exchange student.

> Value people who had done hard-work for you.
Umme Kulssom, working in IEARN pakistan.

> Know when to spend, know when to save.(means its ok to be a thrifty person but one should be wise enough to see at what time and where they are spending their money)
Waqas Rehmat, KL YES alumnus.

> You can be open-minded without loosing your identity.
Constance Elkins, my(AQIB MALIK) host mom.

> Always keep your expectations low, you’ll get the best of everything.
Malik Obaid ur Rehman (my dad)

> Get in where you fit in, adjust yourself to your host family lifestyle. Help out when not asked.
Anthony Elkins, my host dad.

> Have patience in all spheres of life because whatever happens, happens for a reason.
Kausar Obaid (my mom)

> Be approachable person.
Claire (my friend)

> Take two or three days, sit back and observe which friends you want to make. Which people are good and which are not and then make a decision.( At the beginning of my school year in USA)
My guidance counsellor

> Don’t be creepy and be interactive.
Asehli Ball

> Sometime it’s ok to not to have any clue. Be yourself.
Brandon Elkins (my host brother)

> Memorize all the above advice, get these in your life. As they are helping me they will surely help you to make your exchange year successful.
Aqib Malik , exchange student.

*Dont forget to read the funny advice at the bottom of the blog:

Funny Advice from my host mom:
> Ok be spontaneous not like Aqib(me). 😉
Constance Elkins.


Introduction to the exchange student station.

My name is Aqib Malik. I am an exchange student and currently living in United States. As an exchange student I am facing alot of experiences which I want to share with everyone, with everyone who want to be an exchange student or who are exchange students. Here on this site, I will share some stories, some tips to get rid of cultural shocks and some other tips reagrding exchange year. I decided to make this site while my stay in United States so that I can give better image of what exactly happens in an exchange year. Hopefully I will get success in sharing it with you guys.
Thank you,
Aqib Malik

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